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Weaver Brothers Go Fishing


Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller CEO

 Going Fishing.

I guess we all have different ways to deal with stress. Speaking of which, through this COVID-19 lockdown, there is plenty to reach around. “Luke and I are going fishing this afternoon,” Louie casually informed me one recent afternoon.

“About two o’clock”.

“Oh”. What else was I supposed to say. At least he asked for permission. Just about anyway.

“You like fishin?” he asked me next. “Oh yeah, sure, I’m not a really good fisherman, but I enjoy it once I’m out.” That conversation ended there and I think he felt bad to leave me at work but didn’t quite know how to deal with the situation.

Louie has a really nice boat. And I expect a little grooming and prepping on my part will go a long ways to get close and personal with it. I am happy to report that Luke and Louie were well rewarded for their escape.

Louie with Fish
Congratulations Louie!
Luke with Fish
Congratulations Luke!