Firewood Tumbler

Firewood Tumbler-Dyna Firewood Processors

Firewood Tumbler

Here is the ultimate solution for quickly and effortlessly cleaning dirty wood. This innovative equipment features a multi-stage drum with bi-directional chutes, providing you with flexible sorting options to separate kindling from waste and direct it precisely where it’s needed. Powered by either a gas or electric hydraulic power pack, our tumblers offer versatility to suit your specific requirements. The hydraulic power pack ensures efficient and reliable performance, making the cleaning process a breeze. For those seeking additional flexibility, we also offer the option to purchase the tumbler without any power pack, allowing you to integrate it into your existing setup seamlessly. With the DYNA Firewood Tumbler, say goodbye to labor-intensive and time-consuming wood cleaning methods. Experience the convenience of fast and easy wood cleaning, and streamline your firewood processing operations like never before.


Specifications Standard debris chutes
Stationary Standard debris chutes Custom spacing on slats
Honda gas power pack Electric power pack Or no power pack

This equipment comes with a 36 month limited warranty. If any product or part is proved to be defective 36 months from the date of purchase, by reason of improper workmanship and/or material we will replace, at our discretion, that part or product at no charge to you. To obtain warranty service, the customer must deliver the part or product to the Factory address at the customer’s expense. A copy of the original sales invoice is required when requesting warranty work.

The warranty is limited to 30 days on the drive belts.

The above warranty does not cover defects caused by modification, alteration, or repair of the part or product in question, by anyone other than the manufacturer, physical abuse to, or misuse of, the product or use or assembly thereof in any manner contrary to the accompanying instructions.