Firewood Equipment Finance Solutions

Firewood processor machines in front of DYNA

Firewood Equipment Financing Solutions

A few benefits of financing can be:

  • Quick funding process
  • Allows capital to remain ‘working’, which helps keep credit available for additional business opportunities
  • Conserve your cash flow while letting the DYNA equipment pay for itself
  • New and used equipment can be accommodated
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Tax advantages

    Types of Financing We Offer:

  • Commercial Financing on New or Used (Firewood Equipment)
  • Consumer Financing
  • Rent to Own Options(RTO)

    Companies We Partner With:

  • SLS Leasing – Corey Stansbury
  • Ascentium Capital
  • New Equipment Leasing
  • Team Financial
  • Merrimac Capital Services
  • CIT – A First Citizen Bank Company
  • Balboa Capital
  • Ag Direct
  • Financial Partners Group
  • Wolverine Holdings LLC

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    Rent To Own: RTO Might Be Right For You

    Rent-To-Own has unique features that make it a viable option for acquiring a DYNA quickly and effectively. It is not considered the same as equipment financing or a bank loan which will generally have better rates. But RTO does offer some distinct advantages. First, you do not actually own the machine. You rent it. This eliminates the need to tie up your credit and capital that could be used for other important purchases. Plus, your rent is tax deductible.


    RTO Can be Temporary

    RTO can be a temporary financing solution. If you are still shopping financing and need a DYNA quickly to get your cash flowing, no problem. When you chose to refinance, you may pay it off at any time. There is no penalty to do so. Plus, while you are renting, it builds up internal credit which can be useful for banks to refinance.


    RTO Is Easy

    A simple one-page application 15% deposit upon approval, first month payment, $250.00 contract fee and you are good to go. No hassle. Low risk. No penalty opt-out. Gets your cash flowing quickly.


    Reasons for RTO

  • Fast and simple
  • Low Risk
  • RTO has easy opt-out
  • No Penalty early payoff
  • Rent is tax deductible
  • Does not impact credit score
  • Does not tie up valuable capital
  • Gets your cash flowing quickly
  • Builds internal credit



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    Let us here at DYNA navigate the financing for your new or used piece of equipment. We have an experienced finance team in place to help you from start to finish. Give Steve a call today with any questions you may have 231-660-7037.