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DYNA Products: The World's Most Affordable Fastest Firewood Processors

Easiest Firewood Processors to Operate!

Why buy a firewood processor from DYNA?

DYNA builds industry leading, safe, highly advanced, and high-output firewood processors. DYNA provides a nationwide firewood processor rental fleet available to rent to the home owner and businesses. DYNA creates firewood processors that can split up to up to 22-foot log length, 4 full cords of firewood per hour. Firewood producers repeatedly choose DYNA Products for the most reliable firewood processing equipment across the world.

4 Firewood Processors to Choose From

  • Safe Firewood Processor so you come home to your family
  • Affordable Entry-level to Commercial Firewood Machines Available
  • One of the most highly advanced Firewood Machines available
  • High Quality, Simplified Design Highest-output Firewood Production
  • Single Operator, Simple and Easy to Operate Joystick Controls
  • Strong Warranties and the Best Customer Support In the Firewood Industry
  • Long Lasting Firewood Machines, Highest Resale Value
  • Attractive Financing Available on all DYNA Firewood Equipment
  • Reap Greater Profits in the Firewood Processing Industry!

DYNA Firewood Processor Features and Options

DYNA firewood processor image showing machine features and options
Log Loading Assist option shown on the DYNA firewood processing machine

Log Loading Assist

  • Sprockets on the driveshaft assists the loading of crooked or angled logs into the trough
Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo option shown on DYNA firewood splitter

Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo

  • 24 gallon diesel tank/toolbox (SC-14, SC-15, SC-16)
  • 12 gallon gasoline tank (SC-14 & SC-15)
Operator Station option shown on the DYNA log splitting machine

Operator Station

  • Easy to operate
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Optional Canvas Cover
Log Feed Chain option shown for firewood processing equipment

Log Feed Chain

  • We weld spikes on the chain in the log feed trough. This helps the chain to feed the log in to the cutter and splitter
6 Way Wedge option shown on a DYNA machine

6 Way Wedge Options

  • Splits larger logs into smaller pieces with one stroke
Adjustable Hitch option

2" Adjustable Hitch

Torsion axles and lighting option shown on the DYNA commercial processor

Torsion axles and lighting

  • Torsion axles with brakes
  • Lights for legal transport
Block Heater option

Block Heater

  • Block heater on the diesel engines for easy cold starts
Powered Conveyor Winch option included on select models

Powered Conveyor Winch

  • Electric winch conveyor lifter for transport position
Hydraulic Deck Lifter option shown on a DYNA wood splitter

Hydraulic Deck Lifter

  • Hydraulic deck lifter for transport position
Gas Engine Features shown on DYNA equipment

Gas Engine Features

  • Canvas cover for weather protection
  • Easy oil drain valve
  • Electric start on 20hp Honda's and 32.5 and 37 hp Kohler's
Hydraulic Bar Oiler option helps extend chain life

Hydraulic Bar Oiler

DYNA Products Used Firewood Processors

Check out our used machine selection

DYNA Products often has used firewood processors in stock at our Factory in MI and elsewhere. Our inventory regularly includes factory-maintained rentals and customer trades (both used DYNAs and other manufacturers). If you’re looking for a particular make or model, please get in touch with our experienced used firewood processor sales staff. We can help you find it. This page is updated frequently, so check back regularly for more used inventory.

Wranglerstar demoing the SC-14 machine in action

The amazing Dyna SC-14 firewood processor can cut, split, and stack 2 years worth of firewood in a single day!

1,313 Owner/Operators of DYNA Firewood Processing Machines Can't Be Wrong!

  • Expo Richmond
    May 1-2, 2020
  • Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo
    May 15-16, 2020
  • Great Lakes Logging
    September 10-12, 2020