DYNA Products Firewood Processors

Why buy from DYNA?

  • 4 Models to Choose From
  • Quality, Simplified Design
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Entry-level to Commercial Models

Features and Options

Log Loading Assist

  • Sprockets on the driveshaft assists the loading of crooked or angled logs into the trough

Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo

  • 24 gallon diesel tank/toolbox (SC-14, SC-15, SC-16)
  • 12 gallon gasoline tank (SC-14 & SC-15)

Operator Station

  • Easy to operate
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Optional Canvas Cover

Log Feed Chain

  • We weld spikes on the chain in the log feed trough. This helps the chain to feed the log in to the cutter and splitter

6 Way Wedge Options

  • Splits larger logs into smaller pieces with one stroke

2" Adjustable Hitch

Torsion axles and lighting

  • Torsion axles with brakes
  • Lights for legal transport

Block Heater

  • Block heater on the diesel engines for easy cold starts

Powered Conveyor Winch

  • Electric winch conveyor lifter for transport position

Hydraulic Deck Lifter

  • Hydraulic deck lifter for transport position

Gas Engine Features

  • Canvas cover for weather protection
  • Easy oil drain valve
  • Electric start on 20hp Honda's and 32.5 and 37 hp Kohler's

Hydraulic Bar Oiler

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