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Rent-to-Own DYNA Firewood Processor


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Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller CEO

Is Rent-to-Own financing right for you?

Rent-To-Own has unique features that make it a viable option for acquiring a DYNA quickly and effectively. It is not considered the same as equipment financing or a bank loan which will generally have better rates. But RTO does offer some distinct advantages. First, you do not actually own the machine. You rent it. This eliminates the need to tie up your credit and capital that could be used for other important purchases. Plus, your rent is tax deductible.

RTO Reduces Risk

Since you do not own the equipment, RTO reduces the risk associated with ownership. If your market softens and you can’t justify the rent payments, just the return the equipment. If you made your rent payments on time, you would even get your deposit back. You don’t have to worry about damaging your credit, penalties or other liabilities common with other lending programs.

RTO is Fast

RTO has a simple one-page RTO Application . Approval is fast. Usually within 24 hours. No credit check is necessary, so your credit score is not negatively impacted. If you are credit challenged, then RTO could very well meet your needs. You sign the contract, pay the deposit and first month rent and pull away with your new DYNA!

RTO Can be Temporary

RTO can be a temporary financing solution. If you are still shopping financing and need a DYNA quickly to get your cash flowing, no problem. When you choose to refinance, you may pay it off at any time after the first 3 months. There is no penalty to do so. Plus, while you are renting, it builds up internal credit which can be useful for banks to refinance.

RTO is Flexible

The terms for RTO can be set up for 24, 36, 48 or 60 months depending how big you want your payments. you can also make your deposit whatever you want from 10% on up. Increasing your deposit will decrease your payment size.

Option to Buy

RTO has an option to buy built in. You may take it all the way through full term, or you may buy it outright whenever you feel like. It is up to you. If you wish to buy, we can give you a buyout price. This will be a discounted price relative to the amount of rent payments you made. So, this makes renting even more affordable. Call a DYNA sales rep at 231-734-4433 or email for a quote. Download RTO Application here.


Why you should consider Rent-to-Own:

  • Fast and simple
  • Low Risk
  • RTO has easy Opt-out
  • No Penalty early payoff
  • Rent is tax deductible
  • Does not impact credit score
  • Does not tie up valuable capital
  • Gets your cash flowing quickly
  • Builds internal credit