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DYNA Restored Firewood Processors DYNA Restores Rental Firewood Processors Before they age much at all, DYNA returns their firewood processors from the rental fleet for restoration and reintroduction into the firewood processor market. At DYNA we work diligently on these rental processors to bring them back into factory specs. We follow an extensive checklist and thorough process to restore… Continue Reading
Inside DYNA’S Paint Operations Painting is a critical component of any equipment. DYNA equipment looks shiny and new rolling off the assembly line but how well the paint adheres to metal will affect the image and value of any equipment for years to come. After building over 1500 firewood processors we know how important paint is. The DYNA paint… Continue Reading
Does DYNA Offer Investment Opportunities? Can I Invest in DYNA? We get asked these questions frequently. The short answer is yes. In fact, many people find It more attractive than traditional investments, especially right now with the economic fallout because of COVID-19. But, let me take a moment and explain. What We Do DYNA Products is primarily a firewood processor… Continue Reading
How to Start a Firewood Business Start a Firewood Business With "The Secret To Building A Successful Firewood Business Guide." Download Complete Firewood Business Guide. Order The FREE Booklet .  DYNA firewood processors are at the heart of many successful firewood businesses. While some of our customers already know how a new processor will fit into their business, many come to… Continue Reading
Wood Heating vs. Propane Heating Here is a scientific model that shows the benefits of heating with wood versus propane. Scott Salveson, director of the National Firewood Association presents his findings. BTU FUEL INPUT: One cord of seasoned white oak = 25.7 mmBTU = $250.00 One gallon of propane = 91,600 BTU. 280 gallons x 91,600 = 25.65 mmBTU 280… Continue Reading
Weaver Brothers Go Fishing  Going Fishing. I guess we all have different ways to deal with stress. Speaking of which, through this COVID-19 lockdown, there is plenty to reach around. "Luke and I are going fishing this afternoon," Louie casually informed me one recent afternoon. "About two o'clock". "Oh". What else was I supposed to say. At least he… Continue Reading
Rent-to-Own DYNA Firewood Processor Is Rent-to-Own financing right for you? Rent-To-Own has unique features that make it a viable option for acquiring a DYNA quickly and effectively. It is not considered the same as equipment financing or a bank loan which will generally have better rates. But RTO does offer some distinct advantages. First, you do not actually own… Continue Reading
Meet The Staff Who is Noah? Noah works in sales and local rentals and is the kind of guy that bounces when he jumps out of bed. He is among the first at work and among the last to leave and tackles his job with relish! Always ready to answer the phone or greet the next customer he… Continue Reading
Amish FBI A Little Personal History From the CEO. A notable trait throughout the Amish is simplicity. This takes form in varying degrees but usually it shows in dress, vocation, homes and even health. No radios, television or cars. Simplicity is also evident in certain thought processes. Amish people tend to trust others and take things at… Continue Reading
DYNA Tests Its Stuff! DYNA Takes Testing Seriously. We wanted to know how many cycles our clamp pins could take, so we built a cycle tester that cycled the clamp every ten seconds for over a month. The pin on the right has 1,000,000 cycles on it; the pin on the left is brand new. No worries about wear… Continue Reading