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Selling My Firewood


How do I sell my firewood?

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller CEO

This is a great question. Many DYNA owners are producing firewood to sell. At least enough to keep them busy evenings and weekends. The simplest way perhaps is just to make a big pile of cut and split (and even corded) firewood out beside the road. Many folks will notice this and stop in. To simplify matters you can stack it in one face cord stacks and make it easy to load. No guessing. And if the customer isn’t sure, he can measure the rick.

How do I market my business?

This is tougher. Of course, try to exceed your customers’ expectations. Give them clean firewood. Make sure they get at least the correct amount or a little more. Don’t overcharge. Especially if there is a dispute, be quick to back down and give the customer the benefit of the doubt. And be friendly. Smile. These good business practices will give you lots of referrals. Word of mouth is the cheapest and most enduring marketing strategy there is. But there are other ways to sell your firewood.

Tabloid Ads

While many newspapers have lost their advertising power to the internet, there are still certain people who browse  paper. And these are probably the same ones who love to burn with firewood. They are the common, hardworking, land loving, old timers – you name it. And they love good old wood heat and a good newspaper.

A Website

However the harsh reality is, most people go online to get their information. Where are you right now? Online. Now, this doesn’t mean you aren’t hardworking and land loving. You are probably good as gold, but you have accepted a different information source in a different era. Building a website can be very expensive. If it isn’t properly built and maintained it will get lost in the virtual world very easily. Maybe you are a computer geek and would love to build a website. Go right ahead. It could be a good move for you.

Online Listings

Try an online listing service like Craigslist. This is very simple and effective advertising. Maybe even Ebay. Another great resource is FirewoodScout. This organization lists firewood businesses. Customers can find you very quickly on their firewood locator. Currently they have at least ten states participating. I will include the link for you. please check it out and I wish you great success.

Nathan Miller CEO

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