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Can I use a firewood processor before purchasing


DYNA Products Try Before You Buy

Louie Weaver
Louie Weaver Sales Manager
Purchasing a firewood processor is a significant investment and many people like to experience the product before signing off on a loan or plunking down thousands of dollars. DYNA makes this not only a possibility but an excellent choice with a risk free “try before you buy”. If you are considering the purchase of a DYNA and rent a firewood processor from any authorized DYNA rental location and purchase within 6 months afterword, we will rebate up to $1,000.00 of rent towards the purchase price.
This allows you to take the machine home, use it on your wood in your yard and see how it performs in your world. Maybe you will discover that a longer conveyor is needed. If you really prefer diesel over gas power, perhaps you will see firsthand how much a time a simple frame extension saves when cutting longer logs. You may even find an option like work lights will allow you to finish up that last cord or two in comfort and convenience instead of returning the next day. This option takes research to a whole new level by using the actual product before committing to a purchase.