Should I buy a PTO or engine driven firewood processor?

Is the PTO driven firewood processor model the less expensive choice?


Although PTO powered firewood processors are less expensive, they lack popularity and tend to be used more in farms with tractor availability. By nature, a firewood processor is portable due to the scattered customer base. Even those who choose to process all the wood in one location will usually find it convenient to move the firewood processor as the log pile diminishes. This of course creates a problem for a PTO machine as the tractor needs to be unattached while operating and then reattached for transport and splitting.


PTO firewood processors require a tractor with sufficient horsepower, usually at least 32 hp, to be attached constantly. A second loader tractor is required for keeping the machine fed, thus overbalancing the capital investment opposed to a self-contained firewood processor with its own engine.


When considering which firewood processor to purchase, remember not only will the capital investment be less for an engine driven firewood processor, but the operating efficiency is better as well. However, if you already own multiple tractors then the capital investment may not be an issue for you and the machine cost savings could be beneficial. If you are interested in pursuing a PTO driven log splitter then consider the DYNA SC12, SC14 and SC15 models.


Check if DYNA has any used PTO firewood processors for sale


Below is a video demonstrating the DYNA SC-14 PTO firewood processor in action: