MightyOx L-30 Wood Splitter

$7,000.00 (FOB)

The Mighty Ox L-30 is made for the big, tough stuff. It splits logs over 36" in diameter, and chews them up like a snack. Your muscles will get a break too, with the awesome Mighty Ox Log Lifter that hoists and holds up to 1,200 pounds, with capacity to spare.

If you work with large diameter hardwoods, there's nothing else in its class like a Mighty Ox L-30 for power, speed and convenience.

We make every Mighty Ox log splitter with the kind of rugged, powerful and durable construction we would want for our own use. That's because Mighty Ox started out as equipment we made for splitting our own firewood.

Now, every time someone uses a Mighty Ox, they get spoiled because they can't find another wood splitter that's nearly as rugged, tough and strong.

The good news is that a Mighty Ox is not only more powerful, you can now buy direct from the manufacturer. Mighty Ox is made in Lancaster County PA, right here in the good old USA.

Product Specifications: 

Up to 48" Diameter

Up to 1,200 pound logs

Optional 4-way wedge

Dependable Honda Engine

Heavy Duty Hydraulics

User Friendly Controls

Two-Inch Ball Hitch and Safety Chains

1/2" Steel Plate Log Cradle

Sideways split


1 year Warrenty