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Sawbar Stud Install Tool

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Sawbar Stud Install Tool for Dyna Products Firewood Processors
Use this tool to simplify replacement studs with less hassle and chance of damaging the threads. When using this tool along with the recommended installation process (see below, same as used in the factory) you can reduce the common complaint of the stud backing out when removing the nut to service the bar and chain.

Recommended stud installation process

Always were safety glasses

1: Remove old stud

2: Clean out female threads on saw motor mount and male threads on new stud with a cleaner such as brake cleaner, being careful to not get in your eyes or on skin

3: Allow to dry (you can use compressed air) again being careful to not get in your eyes

4: Apply medium strength thread locker lightly to threads

5: Install stud using Dyna stud installation tool and torque to 40ft lbs.

6: Remove tool (you may have to hold the stud ) install bar and chain tighten stud nuts. Be sure to allow recommended dry time for your thread locker before removing lug nuts