LS24-18 Dyna Log Splitter

Product ID: LS24-18

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Dyna Products LS24-18 Log Splitter-Perfect addition to your Dyna Firewood Processor
The DYNA LS24-18 offers an excellent solution for efficiently splitting large wood pieces that may be lying around. This powerful wood splitter is a valuable addition for both homeowners seeking to split firewood for the winter and rental centers looking to expand their rental offerings. With its robust 9 HP Honda engine, the LS24 ensures reliable and consistent performance, making wood splitting a breeze. The hydraulics provide a substantial 24-inch stroke, enabling it to handle even the toughest logs with ease. For homeowners, the LS24-18 represents a practical investment, as it simplifies the process of preparing firewood for the colder months, ensuring a steady and reliable heat source. Additionally, rental centers can benefit from adding this high-quality splitter to their inventory, attracting customers seeking an efficient and powerful wood-splitting solution.


4X24 Cylinder
2" Ball hitch coupler
Log lift table & table grate
2 & 4 way split