2019 Firewood Processor Improvements

Engine Control

Firewood Processor with a LCD Engine Control

LCD engine control displays hydraulic system pressures and oil temperature readings in real time

Chain Guide / Wood Guard

Firewood Processor with a Upgraded Hydraulic Liquid Filled Pressure Piping and Gauges

Deck chain guides have been added for consistent alignment when lowering the live deck and helps prevent wood from getting stuck

Upgraded Hydraulic Plumbing

Firewood Processor with a Upgraded Hydraulic Liquid Filled Pressure Piping and Gauges

High quality and safe plumbing for Saw Feed, Clamp, Conveyor, and Splitter Pressure Gauges

Rolling Clamp

Firewood Processor with a Rolling clamp

The log clamp now has an incorporated roller to assist feeding crooked logs.

Sawdust Chute is standard on SC-15 and SC-16

Firewood Processor with a Sawdust Chute

Sawdust chute is now standard which keeps your machine cleaner and controls the sawdust for easier removal.

Upgraded Bar and Chain Oiler

Firewood Processor with a Upgraded Bar and Chain

The bar oiler has a longer stroke and a larger infeed line for better performance in extremely low temperatures.

Standard Hydraulic Deck Lifter

Firewood Processor with a Standard Hydraulic Deck Lifter

The hydraulic deck lift is now standard on the SC15 and SC16. We use heavy wall seamless pipe and split collars for an extremely tight, rigid deck

Heavier Gauge Shields

Firewood Processor with a Heavier gauge shield

All shields are made from thicker material than ever before. The guards around the splitter chamber are 1/4 inch plate.

Standard Wedge Holder

Firewood Processor with a Standard Wedge Holder

The extra wedge holder is now standard. (Does not include a extra wedge)

Hydraulic Deck Lift Pipes, Bushings, and Split Collar

Firewood Processor with a hydraulic Desk Lifter

The hydraulic decklift is now standard on the SC15 and SC16. We use replaceable stainless steel bushings in all pivot points to increase life.

Hinged Engine Cover

Firewood Processor with a Hinged Engine Cover

The engine cover has a hinged top for easy access to maintenance items

2-5/16 inch Hitch with lights, and Trailer brakes

Firewood Processor with a hitch

SC14, SC15 and SC16 have 2 5/16” adjustable ball hitches with lights and trailer brakes

Quality Control Checks

A Safe and Quality Firewood Processor

Assembly checks all fasteners and marks them as tight. QC checks everything again and marks each bolt with a marker. All company quality standards are at an all-time high. We incorporated Zero Defects from the automotive industry which yields a much higher quality product

Log Measuring Scale

Firewood Processor with a Log Measure Scale

The trough has a log measuring scale which indicates how much log is remaining on the deck.

Saw Motor Assembly

Firewood Processor with a upgraded Saw Motoer Assembly

The saw motor assembly is protected by the new splitter guard to prevent wood pieces from damaging it.

Deutch IP67 Connectors

Firewood Processor with a IP67 Conectors

The relay box is sealed and uses Deutch IP67 washdown rated connectors.

Winch cable Routing

Firewood Processor with cable routing

The wiring for the winch has been rerouted for better appearance and is less prone to damage.

Hitch Pins and Steel Lanyards

Firewood Processor with upgraded hitch pins

All hitch pins have steel lanyards to keep the pins and keepers from becoming lost.

Easy Access Fuel Filter

Firewood Processor with a easy access filters

We spent much time moving the fuel filter for super easy maintenance.

Conveyor Pin

Firewood Processor with a Conveyor Pins

No more pin to remove when setting up the conveyor! The new design hangs from two short cables and doesn’t need to be touched.

Deck Arm Rubber Bumpers

Firewood Processor with a rubber bumpers

The deck arm stops have rubber bumpers for less shock and harmful impact when folding up the deck.

Thicker Infeed Shaft Is Guarded

Firewood Processor with a bigger infeed shaft

The infeed shaft is now guarded, larger, thicker and upgraded.

Upgraded Painting Process

Firewood Processor with tougher paint

We DA sand or sandblast all surfaces before painting for maximum paint adhesion. We also do our painting in house with a state of the art paint and sandblast booth.

Upgraded Saw Shaft

Firewood Processor with tougher paint

The saw shaft is now 1.5 inch in diameter and pressed into a machined steel block.

Rerouted Hydraulic Hoses

Firewood Processor with tougher paint

Hydraulic hoses have been rerouted for a cleaner look and easier maintenance.