DYNA-CUT HRB Metal Roofing Shear
DYNA-CUT Metal Roofing Shear Profile: Ready to Make Thousands of Accurate Cuts.
DYNA-CUT Metal Roofing Shear
DYNA-CUT Metal Roofing Soffit Shear.
DYNA-CUT Metal Shear with Replaceable Blade Configuration Shown.
DYNA-CUT Shear parts ready to be put together.
DYNA-CUT PRB Air Shear. Suitable for Rollforming Operations.

DYNA-CUT Metal Roofing Shears

Cut perfect metal roofing and siding... every time. The DYNA-CUT Metal Shear features blades cut to the profiles of specific brands of metal panels, so you get quick, clean, accurate cuts. Faster than snips or nibblers, eliminates rusting from saw blades. We have models for 90° straight cuts; 3/12, 4/12, and 5/12 pitch angle cuts; soffits; and our new combination shear with interchangeable blades.
See the Profile Printouts

Factory Pricing Table

Blade Style or PartBase Price
General Purpose (Fixed)$750.00
Soffit 16" (Fixed)$550.00
HRB Replaceable Blade$895.00
Replacement HRB Blades$200.00
PRB-36 AIR SHEAR$13,500.00

Profiles by Model/Program Number (not all models are listed)

Description Model/Program
Metal Sales41213105
Revmet Corr.38948
Revmet VIC Corr.38800
D.C. Metals19300
Gutter Wizard17010
Everlast II13175
Classic B & W13150
Lyon Roofing13130
Century, Wheeling13128
ABM II, Fabral13125
SELECT, Pro Panel13120
64 Metals13112
Tuff Rib13110
MacRib, ABC, Vicwest, Mountain, Graber, Apax, and more!13100

Profile Printouts

These are schematic drawings of just a few profiles that DYNA-CUT Shears can be built to cut. If you're not sure which profile you need, or would like to send a sample to our factory for matching, please give us a call -- we'd be delighted to help you out.

You can click on the image for a closer look!
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